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Thermal Camera Systems

Triple G Electrical Service now provides thermal, temperature reading camera systems with REAL TIME facial recognition, temperature analysis, and attendance reading.  A modern solution for current public health concerns. These systems can be used as surveillance systems that, monitor who comes into your facility, learn to recognize a face, record the body temperature and alert personnel if it is too high, all this information can be recorded for later review and management.

We also can install a Body Temperature station that can be used as an access control device that can recognize facial features with or without a mask, palm geometry, and body temperature to allow or deny access to your facility.  These can be incorporated into metal detectors, turnstiles, stand-alone kiosks, or door entries.

The types of facilities that should consider one of these systems are hospitals, schools, nursing homes and elderly care facilities, as well as large gathering halls and restaurants.  These systems are considered to be a way of actively screening each individual who enters your facility to protect patrons, customers and the staff against being exposed to someone who has a fever.  

These systems are a way of screening for fever without dedicating staff to manually take each person’s temperature or exposing them to that risk.  The camera monitoring systems can read as many as 16 people at a time coming through an entry for body temperature so that there is not a bottleneck of people at busy times.  If a  person is detected with a high temperature they could be directed to a secondary station for further temperature verification and examination  before allowing or denying a person access to the facility. 

Having a video record of everyone entering a facility is a good investigation tool to find out who else may have been exposed to someone with a high temperature so that they can be advised to get tested.  In access controlled facilities body temperature can be added to facial recognition, palm geometry and card credentials as parameters to allow or deny access to the facility.  Your facility should be both safe and secure.


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